How it Works

Church Planter Profiles will help you discover your readiness and develop your gifts and abilities for effective church planting.



Create an Account and Complete the Initial Screening Assessment

When you create your account, you will provide information about yourself and your interest in church planting and choose a church planting network to share your results with. If you are not working with a church, network or denomination, you may simply leave the default selection as Gateway Leaders.

As soon as you create your account, you will be asked to complete the Church Planting Initial Screening Assessment ©. This church planting assessment contains 85 questions and takes about 20 minutes to complete.

Create an account and take the ISA


Review your results

After you complete the Initial Screening Assessment ©, you will be able to review your results in 4 categories:

  • Church Planting Experience
  • Entrepreneurial Leadership
  • Ministry Experience
  • Relational Evangelism

You will also see how your results compare to a benchmark of highly effective church planters as well as to others who have taken the Initial Screening Assessment©.


Upgrade your Account

Church Planter Profiles provides a number of tools to help you discover and develop your church planting potential. You may access the full Church Planter Profile by using the secure online payment form to purchase a $99 upgrade.

If you are registering as the spouse of a church planting candidate, you may choose to skip the Initial Screening Assesment© and upgrade your account immediately.


Complete your Profile

The full Church Planter Profile includes 4 assessment instruments. Each takes 15-20 minutes to complete. You may complete them one at a time in any order you choose. They include:

  • The Golden Personality Profile™ is based on the four letter personality typology with a 16 page report detailing your strengths and growth opportunities.
  • The Portrait Predictor™ is a DiSC based assessment with a 6 page report which highlights your strengths, growth opportunities and provides an application guide with next steps.
  • The Spiritual Gifts assessment will indicate the strongest of your gifts among a list of 19 Biblically identified areas of giftedness.
  • The online 360 Evaluation allows you to invite others to provide feedback on 12 critical qualities of church planting.
  • The StrengthsFinder™ assessment is available as an additional option. To complete the StrengthsFinder you must purchase one of several StrengthsFinder books and use the included code to complete the online assessment. You may then share your results on Church Planter Profiles.

If you are working with one of the many planting networks, they may have provided additional forms or questionnaires that are included in your online profile to download and complete.


Share your Profile

You may download individual assessments in PDF format and send them to potential churches and organizations or download a zip package of all your assessment reports to send to potential church planting organizations. The planting network you chose when you created your account will already have access to these reports.

Start your assessment process by creating your Church Planter Profile now.